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1535 Susan

Stook Koffie / 1535 Susan
1535 Susan

The sun’s last rays painted the sky with warm tones of red and orange as the distinct silhouette of lady Susan appeared gracefully on the horizon. She drew the last of the coal trucks into the plant before she let off steam and settled in for the night.

Built in 1919 as a Class 12A by North British Locomotive Works, lady Susan was put into service to haul coal on the Germiston – Witbank line. In 1955 she was reboilered and redesignated as a Class12AR. She worked as the Germiston Station pilot in the 1980’s from where she was withdrawn from service with long standing issues. Reefsteamers repaired her in 2009 and in 2012 she was recertified and remained in service of Reefsteamers until 2019 when she celebrated her 100th birthday. She is the only remaining Class 12AR in the world.

This medium roast blend has the finesse of a real lady with just enough body from the Nicaragua Rajuanse beans. A substantial amount of sweetness is introduced by the naturally processed Brazilian Barbosa beans.