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162 Blackie

Stook Koffie / 162 Blackie

Leaving behind the crashing waves of the Cape seas, deafening the longing call of the Scottish Highlands,
Blackie, boldly unafraid, bears forward into the vast untamed plains of dark Africa. His small yet powerful frame, covered with coal dust, couldn’t hide his bold and pioneering spirit as he worked hard every day to extend the railway into a network of hope for a new and free nation.

Blackie was built in Scotland and arrived in Cape Town on the 8th of September 1859.
He was a 0-4-0 side-tank locomotive and the first ever locomotive in South Africa. This little locomotive was used in the construction of the railway and later in 1874 it was rebuilt to a 0-4-2T configuration where it was then relocated to Port Alfred where it served as a harbor construction locomotive on the banks of the Kowie River. Here is where it got it’s nickname Blackie as it was painted black at the time. It worked on the Kowie project until 1883 by which time it became unserviceable.

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