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Big Bill

Stook Koffie / Big Bill

Dark billows of heavy smoke rise into the air as Big Bill tirelessly pushes forward
over the untamed Swartberg mountains towards his final stop at Beaufort-West. Although formidable looking, Big Bill never failed at winning over all who met him
with his gentle and reliable nature.

In 1925 South African Railways placed American-built Class 15C steam locomotives in service. These locomotives had a 4-8-2 Mountain type wheel arrangement making them ideal for cross country trips over the mountainous terrain between Beaufort West and Cape Town. The enormous size of these locomotives earned them the nickname Big Bill. Some of these locomotives were sold into industrial service in 1976. In the late 1980’s at more than 60 years of service, eleven of the original twelve Class 15CB locomotives were still at work. Numbers 2069 and 2071 went to Rustenburg Platinum Mines.

Like Big Bill, this blend is one you can depend on. It’s a well balanced medium dark roast coffee, ideal for any coffee lover. With an impressive amount of body from the Nicaragua Rajuanse, and a hint of sweetness from the Brazil Barbosa beans,
this gentle giant will never fail to deliver.